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Innovation with Order-of-Magnitude Improvements

Most trough solar arrays suffer from failure of the solar receiver tubes in service, some with failure rates as high as 10%. With no option but to cut and replace the failed section, repairs are labour-intesive and costly, and risk of further damage is high. Calx Energetics' modular receiver tube design allows for failed parts to be replaced without disturbing the surrounding tubes. Maintenance is simple and quick and much of it can be completed with the system remaining under pressure, minimising down-time. Additionally, our receiver tubes are constructed from an advanced ceramic, and thus the selective surface is robust and handleable. Combining cutting-edge materials and ground-breaking design, our solar receiver tubes are set to become the new disruptive force in solar thermal.

Benefits of Our Unique Features

Through innovative design and materials, Calx Energetics' solar receiver tubes:

  • Offer superior response to expansion. Solar receiver tubes expand a great deal when they heat to 350 ÂșC. Using the latest in material science, we have developed ceramic tubes with matched ceramic coatings that have an order of magnitude lower coefficient of thermal expansion. The expansion of our tubes is 10% of that experienced by stainless steel/ steel tubes.
  • Are very durable. The receiver tube's ceramic coating offers superior resistance to incidental contact during manufacture, installation, operation and service. Additionally, an optional coating on the glass vacuum containment tube increases the impact resistance of the tube, making it less susceptible to damage by hail and rocks.
  • Can be serviced quickly and simply in the field, effecting less down-time, lower maintenance costs and higher productivity. Exploiting the superior performance properties of ceramics, we have developed simple yet effective seal and mount systems for solar collector tubes. Our receiver modules are easily serviced in the field, regardless of the length of run. A glass vacuum tube can be replaced in a drained system in under two hours.
  • Have a lower capital outlay and lower running costs. Advanced technologies often reduce costs and this is the case with our solar receiver tubes. Our technically advanced seals and tubes are cheaper than those commonly used, and simpler maintenance and modular service parts make significant reductions in the cost of maintenance.
  • Are more efficient. The borosilicate glass vacuum containment tube can be coated with a surface treatment that reduces reflective loss. The inside of the tube can also be coated with an infra-red reflective coating.

Applications and Industry Uses

Our solar receiver tubes can be used in any new installation of solar thermal, using any thermal oil. Due to their durability, they may ultimately be the choice for thermal collection fields where maintenance may be an issue because of accessibility, cost or a more demanding environment.

The designs for the solar collector tubes are complete and ready for the construction of a pilot plant of a small solar array. Our technical consultants can assist with customisation of a pilot plant, and subsequent production plant design.

A solar collection array

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