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Innovative Design and Modern Materials for Performance Above and Beyond

Calx Energetics has developed a process for the economic production of HX plates and cost effective, process-enhancing heat exchangers. Our ceramic heat exchanger plates offer signicantly better heat conductivity and corrosion resistance than metal plates. Our heat exchangers are significantly smaller, and less than half the weight, of a comparable stainless steel heat exchanger, and offer a significant weight saving over titanium heat exchangers. Our clever plate geometries allow up to 120 bar pressure differential within the heat exchanger. This combination of features allows the production of heat exchangers that complete complex heat exchange tasks with greater efficiency and simplicity.

Advantages and Unique Features

  • Superior heat conductivity. The ceramic plates offer better heat conductivity than stainless steels, steels, and even aluminium at lower temperatures.
  • Extreme corrosion resistance. Ceramic technologies are highly resistant to corrosion, and even can be used for highly corrosive liquids at high temperatures
  • Impermeability.
  • Compressive strength. Ceramic heat exchanger plates offer compressive strength comparable to a far heavier and larger heat exchanger plate in steel.
  • Extreme pressure differential. Our unique plate design and clever geometries will allow over 120 bar pressure differential, with minimum plate thickness.
  • Exceptional space and weight utilisation. Our heat exchanger offers and exceptionally small and light in comparison to stainless steel or titanium heat exchangers. This is due to the high surface area to volume of the plate design, and the efficiencies of ceramics.
  • Ability to work with condensing/evaporating acids. The heat exchanger will work with many difficult liquids, including hydrochloric acids and chlorides, even at temperatures.
  • Ability to work with condensing/evaporating gases.
  • Exhibits significant heat shock resilience.
  • Wide range of efficient working temperatures. Ability to withstand temperatures well above steel’s working limits, yet also function well in low ranges.
  • Is cost-effective. The ability of the heat exchanger to handle extreme pressure differential simplifies system designs, which in turn reduces capital costs and maintenance costs.


Our heat exchangers will provide distinct advantages where liquids or gases are entering the heat exchanger at significantly different pressures, where weight or size are important variables, and offer a more robust heat exchanger for highly corrosive liquids or gases than any other existing design. These heat exchangers can find utility and service in diverse applications such as oil and gas, field boilers (dirty water), geothermal salt excluders, waste heat recovery, HVAC, R744 hot water heat pumps, vapour cycle desalination ….. In fact almost anywhere a heat exchanger is used.

Our plate heat exchangers can be reaction bonded together from top to bottom for a permanent seal, in which case cleaning is facilitated by acid flushes, but if preferred a gasket seals can be used for complete disassembly.

We can provide:-

  • custom design of the ceramic plates for particular applications,
  • custom design of casing and constraints and the pipe interfacing,
  • modelling, finite element analysis and CFD,
  • licensing of the technologies and technical know-how for production,
  • referral to our existing technology partners for production.

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