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Precision in Powder Flows

Any production process that uses a powder needs to meter the powder so there is an even, consistent flow. The Calx Energetics powder meter uses a perforated plate meter system in a mechanically stirred “pseudo fluidized-bed” chamber. This allows for an accurate powder stream that can be relied upon to deliver a consistent and continuous rate of flow. This powder meter offers accuracy and consistency that has never before been achieved for small-scale equipment, and has numerous applications where uninterrupted flow is desired. This powder stream can be delivered either by gravity or gas flow. The chamber can be filled with any gas, or indeed a vacuum.

Advantages and Unique Features

  • Particle shape/ size tolerance. Because our powder meter uses a "stirred" fluidisation system, it can can tolerate a wide range of particle sizes and shapes at the same time.
  • Density and flow rate of transport gas unimportant. Neither the density nor the flow rate of the gas affect the flow rate.
  • Will work under vacuum. Because the powder meter works in a vacuum, it can be used with explosive or reactive powders.
  • Continuous accurate flow without pulsing. Our powder meter has 300 openings per revolution, in comparison to rotary valves which offer only 4 openings per rotation. This offers an extremely consistent flow without the need for pulse dampening.
  • Easy cleaning. Cleaning of the powder meter is rapid and simple, so short runs pose no difficulties.

Industry Applications

    • When feeding a pulverized solid fuel nozzle burner, our powder meter ensures a consistent air/ fuel ratio, which results in low emissions of both particles and NOX. Additional, less preparation of the fuel is required.
    • As our powder meter delivers a consistent and accurate flow, two or more powders can be blended with inline mixing.
    • Our powder meter can be used in industrial applications where a reactive powder is being blended with a liquid or gas, because in the vacuum configuration, no carrier gas is required.
    • Calx Energetics' powder meter can replace other less accurate powder meters in applications such as lime dosing of a water supply or waste water remediation.
    • Working under vacuum, this powder meter will find utility with pozzelans and other fine powders.

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