Heat Exchanger

Our heat exchanger incorporates a unique design with ceramic blends and casting technologies to provide significant performance enhancements. Our ceramics enhance the heat conductivity (better than stainless steel, titanium, and aluminium), and provide extreme corrosion resistance, impermeability and compressive strength. The design offers the ability to manage high pressure differentials and saves significant weight and space.

Steam Battery

Our steam battery technology uses a mid-temperature heat source to drive a process of thermo-chemical storage. This process pairs well with fresnel collectors, solar troughs, and industrial heat recovery. The energy is stored as both thermal mass and thermo-chemically, and the thermo-chemical storage is effective indefinitely without degradation. This storage process can be reversed at any time for energy recovery.

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Lime Processing with Carbon Capture

Our flagship technology, the low temperature lime process allows for 100% capture of carbon dioxide (in a pure stream) in the processing of calcium carbonate to calcium hydroxide. The process occurs at low temperatures and can be driven by heat from solar troughs, gas turbine exhaust or recovered industrial or mining heat. The revolutionary process can produce ultra-pure product from almost any limestone source and is set to change the lime processing industry to be cleaner, greener and more profitable.

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Solar Receiver Tubes

Utilising the latest technologies in ceramics and nano coatings, our solar receiver tubes offer a more durable alternative to tubes that are currently available. Our concentrate solr thermal tubes are suitable for temperatures from 150 - 350oC. The tubes and seals are designed for improved performance during thermal expansion, and our unique seals enable in-field serviceability, providing more economical maintenance, less down-time, and lower capital costs.

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Powder Meter

Our powder meter design offers extremely consistent flow rate in continuous flow operations. Its physical design ensures second-by-second accuracy of powder delivery in either a gaseous carrier stream or gravity-fed in a vacuum. Designed for calcium powders, it works with other powders from micron to millimetre scales, including powders of non-uniform size.

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Nano-boosted Thermal Oil

Calx Energetics has developed a process to selectively transfer nano particles of graphene into thermal oils. The graphene remains in suspension, and this nano-boosted thermal oil offers superior thermal transfer rates and protection against contact burning.

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