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Our laboratory and workshop sit side-by-side, and chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, welders, electricians, electronics technicians and chemists work collaboratively to brainstorm the best solutions to research problems.

The mission of Calx Energetics to develop "green" technologies that are more efficient and cheaper than existing practices, drives all we do. Our engineers have a wide knowledge of environmental issues, alternative energy developments and current industry practice, and integrate these to choose new areas to research, where industry needs are poorly met. We have particular expertise in solar thermal capture, especially in the use of thermal oils, moltern hydrated salts and fresnel collectors. Our Chief Technical Officer has special interest in all areas of alternative energy production, including industrial heat recycling, carbon dioxide capture, carbon sequestration, and the politics and economics of alternative energy uptake. While our team of engineers have an in-depth knowledge of fluid dynamics and complete the finite element analysis in-house, we employ the services of a fluid dynamics consultant to ensure the most efficient possible gas and powder flows. Our design and technical team, based in the limestone heartland of Malaysia, have a detailed knowledge of chemical processes relating to limestone, and access to industry expertise.

Some of the engineering, lab and workshop staff relax after a successful installation

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Australia: (07) 4038 2292
Malaysia: (010) 529 1912

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Monday-Saturday: ..... 8.00-18.00

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