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Antony Beecham

Antony Beecham is a partner of Calx Energetics (Sdn Bhd) and Calx Energetics (Pty Ltd), and the holder of the majority of the intellectual property rights of both companies. As Chief Technical Officer, he oversees the research and development activities of the companies and meets with potential technology partners to discuss technical aspects of the technologies. 

Antony trained in chemical engineering and software engineering at the University of Queensland and has worked in a variety of technology fields. For many years, information technology was his main area of work, however his fascination for chemical processes never waned. It was in the first decade of the 21st century that Antony's passion for the environment and understanding of chemical processes collided, and the first of Calx Energetics' ground-breaking technologies, low temperature decarbonisation, was born. Leading a team of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists, technicians, he has gone on to lead the Calx Energetics team to research and develop a range of other technologies, each embracing the core objectives of Calx Energetics' innovation, that is, to incorporate new technologies to develop more environmentally responsible solutions that are as cheap, or cheaper than, the current options available.

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