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Calx Energetics is a research and development company that specializes in the development of leading-edge green technologies. Calx Energetics Pty Ltd (Australia) and Calx Energetics Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) were established in 2012 to develop a series of technologies that use recent discoveries and innovations to provide modern, innovative technologies. We believe that new solutions embracing the latest in scientific understanding, are not only available, but in most cases can be marketed at a cost that is equal or less than the existing available technologies. In fact, this design criteria dirves all of our research and development. We believe that competitively pricing is the obvious route to industry truly embracing sustainable solutions. At Calx Energetics, our primary aim is to develop technologies that do the job better, cleaner and cheaper than any existing product or process. In a word, we are about innovation.

Calx Energetics does not manufacture or sell products. We offer a range of licencing arrangements and are seeking new industry partners to co-develop our technologies, install pilot projects, or enter into manufacturing licencing agreements. We welcome discussions on any aspect of our technologies.

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The performance benefits of our technologies are needed across a variety of industries and the ability to customise solutions illustrates numerous applications.

Customised technologies provide solutions for heat recovery, cooling and energy provision in a variety of industries.

Contact us

Australia: (07) 4038 2292
Malaysia: (010) 529 1912

Business hours (R & D Centre)

Monday-Saturday: ..... 8.00-18.00

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Sunday: ......................... Closed

Public holidays: ............... Closed

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